About RightSense

Promote data literacy and elevate productivity across the organization by employing easily understandable narratives for KPI-driven businesses.

What We Do

RightSense aims to improve data literacy and boost organizational productivity. By utilizing clear and insightful narratives in Data Stories, complemented by conversational chat, we streamline the management of KPI-driven enterprises with ease.

RightSense transforms your Data Lakes into KPI lakes using automated data pipelines. It consistently produces Data Stories with easily understandable narratives to present actionable insights and anomalies within the proper context. The integrated chat feature, powered by large language models (LLMs) like GPT-4, promotes contextual discussions, enabling users to swiftly uncover root causes and communicate them to relevant stakeholders throughout the organization.

In contrast to traditional dashboards that rely heavily on statistical visualizations, stories effectively convey the context of issues, making them memorable, compelling, and persuasive. The interactive chat feature, embedded within the story context, fosters organizational data literacy, and improves productivity.

RightSense in Action

RightSense Platform

RightSense has built its platform core principles like modularity, autonomy, and discovery. Composability helps to build complex workflows and applications using well tested building blocks. It also helps to rapid onboarding using no code/low code approach.

By leveraging big data platform,we can support complex workloads, and leverage AI/ML for build and deploy stories and conversational contexts at scale.

Our Stories help seamless collaboration since everyone sees the same narration. Further it boosts the organizational data literacy and accelerates data driven processes.

Integrated chat functionality built with powerful large language models such as GPT-4, context with proper guardrails around the story, ensure conversations about the data focused on the issues.

Our Product Architecture

Technology Partners

Data-to-Insights: end-to-end integration


Automated Pipelines

Convert Data lakes to KPI lakes and deploy new use case rapidly.

Composable Applications

Configure KPIs and Rapidly Deploy Data Stories

Future Proof

Big Data Platform designed to meet current and future needs.

Access and Security

Multi-Tenant, Multi-Site, Role Based Access

Alerts & feedback

Actionable Insights, anomalies, and human feedback loop

No CapEx Required

Cloud/SaaS delivery, Pay as you go Subscriptions.

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