About RightSense

Enhances data literacy and boosts organizational productivity through the implementation of dynamic KPI management solutions, leveraging the most recent AI technologies.

According to numerous assessments, fewer than 10% of businesses fully capitalize on the value of their data with the solutions currently in use. RightSense enhances this by employing cutting-edge AI methodologies specifically tailored to your business’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), delivering essential insights that are not just informative, but also actionable. These insights are designed to actively engage users and enhance business performance.

Furthermore, RightSense facilitates engaging and interactive discussions that are customized around role-specific and function-specific KPIs. This personalized approach not only elevates organizational productivity but also significantly amplifies the worth of your data. By focusing on individualized, relevant KPIs, we ensure that your team doesn’t just collect data but uses it strategically to drive measurable growth.

What We Do?

RightSense is dedicated to enhancing data literacy and elevating organizational productivity. This is achieved through the delivery of clear, insightful narratives focused on business-specific KPIs, presented in an interactive and engaging conversational style.

Our approach transforms your Data Lakes and other data repositories into “KPI Lakes” via automated data pipelines, allowing users to interact with them through engaging dialogues. These insights are conveyed in narratives that are easy to understand, powered by advanced Large Language Models (LLMs) like GPT-4. By combining traditional AI and analytical strategies, RightSense provides relevant insights, identifies outliers, and highlights other actionable items specific to various roles.

Moving beyond the conventional reliance on visual representations and statistical charts found in reports and dashboards, RightSense offers interactive narratives that are rich in context, making them more memorable, compelling, and convincing. This not only fosters improved data literacy but also encourages participation across the organization, thereby boosting productivity. Such interactivity effectively amplifies the value derived from data, ensuring a better return on data assets.

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RightSense Composable Application Platform

RightSense’s platform is founded on core principles of modularity, autonomy, and discovery, which facilitate the creation of intricate workflows and applications. These principles are supported by well-tested building blocks, promoting swift onboarding through a no-code/low-code approach, thereby enhancing composability.

Utilizing a big data platform, RightSense can handle sophisticated workloads and harness AI/ML to construct and implement interactive conversational applications. These applications, suitable for both straightforward and complex KPIs, are instrumental in proactive business performance management. Moreover, our platform can accommodate intricate workflows and use cases to meet specific enterprise needs.

The conversational interactivity is further enhanced by the integration of advanced large language models like GPT-4, complete with appropriate guardrails. This ensures that dialogues are precisely centered on addressing business concerns, thereby making interactions more efficient and productive.

Our Product Architecture

Technology Partners

Data-to-Insights: end-to-end integration


Automated Pipelines

Convert Data lakes to KPI lakes and deploy new use case rapidly.

Data Dialog

A natural language interface for interactive data exploration

Future Proof

Big Data Platform designed to meet current and future needs.

Access and Security

Multi-Tenant, Multi-Site, Role Based Access

Alerts & feedback

Actionable Insights, anomalies, and human feedback loop

No CapEx Required

Cloud/SaaS delivery, Pay as you go Subscriptions.

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