Analytics & AI Platform for the Retail and Convenience Store Industry

Unlock your data for Growth and Profitability with actionable insights, rich visualizations and timely alerts

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About RightSense

The RightSense mission is to help businesses to benefit from advances in analytics and machine learning technologies, that lack in-house technical skills and resources to take advantage. Our goal is to help businesses to make informed decisions to improve productivity and growth.

Using historical, real-time transactional, and relevant external data such as weather, foot traffic, RightSense delivers actionable insights as well as AI/ML models to optimize specific business goals, and timely alerts & notifications specific to users based on role.

Focused on improving your Growth & Profitability

Derive actionable insights
from POS scan data in real time

Optimize promotions & offers to
increase customer value

Identify fuel customers behaviors to
increase in-store & car wash revenues

Explore fuel Margins, make in-store SKU Rationalizations using AI/ML Models to optimize Profitability

Data-to-Insights: end-to-end integration

Automated Data Pipelines

Integrates POS, Backoffice and relevant external data sets

Future proof

Big Data Platform to meet current and future analytics needs

Rich Visualizations

Explore and Intuitively understand your data

Access and Security

Access controls specific to
Users roles

Alerts & Notifications

Feedback loop for Actionable Insights for continuous learning

No CapEx Investments

Cloud based SaaS subscriptions with flexible billing options

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